Dr. Karl Forgeron, D.C.

Chiropractor in Schaumburg, Illinois

About the Doctor

First and foremost, thank you for taking time to read about me. I enjoy connecting with my patients, and the public, both personally and professionally.
I was born back in 1973 at Ravenswood Hospital in Chicago, IL. My parents, Lieselotte and Robert, as well as, my three sisters, Karen, Debbie and Michelle, welcomed me into the world. I had a birth defect known as a cleft palate, or a hole in the roof of my mouth, and spend most of my first month in the hospital. Fortunately, I did not have facial or lip defects, as is often seen with cleft palate cases. As I grew older, I recall having terrible earaches. In retrospect, I wish my parents would have brought me to a chiropractor to help. My four sons, Jacob, Jon, Jason, and Kamran have never had to suffer the way I did with earaches. In fact, Jacob had two earaches which were treated successfully with chiropractic and natural methods. My other three boys have never had an earache. Anyways, sometimes I go off on tangents...​
We moved from Chicago to Streamwood, Illinois, when I was three. I spent most of my life in Streamwood and went to Heritage Elementary, Tefft Middle School and Streamwood High School. I was a student athlete, and played baseball, football and basketball. I recall having several injuries throughout my childhood that my coaches and parents dismissed as minor. "Shake it off," was a common phrase I heard from my football coaches.
When I was 15 years old, something happened that changed my life. I was a passenger in a truck that hit a tree at 50 miles per hour. I am blessed and fortunate to have survived that collision. Seat belts do indeed save lives! The driver, John, broke his sternum on the steering wheel. To give you an idea of the force involved, he bent the steering wheel in half with his chest! We were transported to the hospital, and I was in shock. I really did not feel pain at first, and was in excellent shape due to baseball spring training. The medical doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medication. He told me to follow up with my family doctor. A week later I developed neck pain and headaches. I could not focus on my school work or extracurricular activities. My family doctor prescribed a pain killer medication. I was 15 years old, taking pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was led down the wrong path, becoming addicted to prescription medications.​...
Then, I believe God intervened. I opened the mail and found a Val-Pak ad for a chiropractor. Within 12 visits I was pain-free, and free to perform all my activities of daily living without relying on medications. Chiropractic saved my life! I had such a great, valuable experience that it influenced my decision to change my career path from dentistry to chiropractic. One can replace their teeth; however, they cannot replace their spine! All these years later, I have been a witness to the miracle of the human body. The body is a self-healing, self-regulating machine that, when given the right care, is capable of extraordinary health and wellness. If one eats, sleeps, drinks, exercises, breaths and thinks right, along with a wellness plan which includes chiropractic structural alignment, then optimal health and well-being is possible.
I love chiropractic so much that I married a chiropractor! My wife, Dr. Maryam Ahsan-Forgeron, shares office space in the same location. She owns and operates a separate corporate entity, A Wellness Physician Group, LLC. We love helping, serving people, and living in the Schaumburg community. We have plans to expand and run several locations in the future. In closing, I truly desire to be your chiropractor for life. Please give me the opportunity to help, serve, educate, coach, challenge and support you, your family, your friends and co-workers about the benefits of life-long chiropractic and wellness care.
Best regards,
Karl Forgeron, D.C.
Dr. Karl Forgeron, D.C., adjusting a patient.

Pictured above is Dr. Karl Forgeron adjusting his wife, Dr. Maryam Ahsan-Forgeron.


In the picture below, Dr. Karl is delivering a pediatric chiropractic adjustment to his son, Kamran

Dr. Karl Forgeron delivering a pediatric spinal adjustment

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